The 8 most popular football games on Android in 2021.

The Best Football Games for Android: Our Selection

Football games on mobile have seen a real success in recent years and more and more players are turning to these apps to satisfy their passion for the round ball wherever they are. With so many options available on the Play Store, it can sometimes be difficult to find a quality game. That’s why we decided to offer you a selection of the best football games for Android.

The criteria for establishing our selection

To establish our selection of the best football games for Android, we took into account two types of criteria:

First, objective criteria consisted of consulting the ratings and evaluations on the Play Store, which allowed us to establish a first selection of available games. Then, subjective criteria were based on player experience and community feedback, in order to select games that have seduced the largest number of players.

The selected games

We have selected 8 football games for Android that have convinced us:

Game 1

Presentation: 3D football game with remarkable graphics

Features: Real-time multiplayer mode, dynamic progression system, intuitive controls

Advantages: Stunning graphics, immersive gameplay experience, wide variety of game modes

Game 2

Presentation: Football game with customizable characters and varied game modes

Features: Career mode with progression options, online multiplayer mode, avatar customization

Advantages: Advanced customization, wide variety of game modes, frequent updates

Game 3

Presentation: Arcade football game with a retro vibe

Features: LAN multiplayer mode, wide variety of characters and stadiums, dynamic progression system

Advantages: Original atmosphere, quickly enjoyable gameplay, simple and intuitive controls

Game 4

Presentation: Football game with strong tactical component

Features: Single player mode with varied missions, complete tactical customization, online multiplayer mode

Advantages: Great tactical depth to explore, long lifespan thanks to missions, active and competitive community

Game 5

Presentation: Top-down football game with minimalist gameplay

Features: Accessible controls without compromising depth, endearing characters, wide variety of game modes

Advantages: Easy-to-learn but deep gameplay, very cute graphic universe, highly addictive

Game 6

Presentation: Football game with collectible cards

Features: Collectible card system with players, real-time multiplayer mode, constant progression

Advantages: Original card system, varied gameplay experience depending on collected cards, large and active community

Game 7

Presentation: Football game with RPG mechanics

Features: Advanced customization of characters, Career mode with moral choices, exploration of a fantastic world

Advantages: Intelligent mix between football and RPG, great depth of gameplay, engaging story and many distractions beyond the field

Game 8

Presentation: Online football game with club management

Features: Real-time multiplayer mode with management of an entire club, internal economy to manage, dynamic event system

Advantages: Original approach with very advanced club management, long lifespan, active and competitive community


This selection of the best football games for Android is the result of as comprehensive an examination as possible, taking into account both objective and subjective criteria. We hope that this list will make it easy for you to find a quality game to feed your passion for the round ball in the coming months. It should also be noted that the mobile football game market is constantly evolving and that we can expect some great innovations in 2021, with increasingly impressive quality.

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