The best tools to track airplanes in real-time on Android and iOS.

The Best Apps for Tracking Airplanes

Real-time airplane tracking has seen exponential popularity in recent years, thanks to increasingly sophisticated flight tracking technologies. Currently, millions of people worldwide use mobile apps to track flights in real-time.

In this spirit, we present today our selection of the top 11 best apps for tracking airplanes, ranked for quality, variety of features offered, performance, and reliability. We have also divided our list into two categories: apps for Android and those for iOS.

Section 1: Apps for Android

Here is our selection of the best apps for tracking airplanes on an Android smartphone:

1. Flightradar24

Flightradar24 is the most popular flight tracking app on Android, and for good reason. It offers ultra-precise real-time mapping, push customization options, and real-time alerts for selected flights. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners.

2. Plane Finder

With all the features you’d expect from a flight tracking app, Plane Finder also allows real-time airplane tracking on a map, displaying their altitude, speed, and direction. It also offers an airline search option and a night mode map.

3. RadarBox24

RadarBox24 offers real-time mapping of airplane positions, with detailed information on airlines, flights, airports, and airplanes. It also features advanced functionalities such as real-time flight search, route tracking, and flight history visualization.

Section 2: Apps for iOS

Here is our selection of the best apps for tracking airplanes on iOS:

1. FlightAware

FlightAware is a flight tracking app that offers real-time information on flights, delays, cancelled flights, and gate changes. It also features advanced mapping with a 3D aerial view and a search option for finding flights around the world.

2. FlightRadar Pro

FlightRadar Pro is an iOS app that offers a wide selection of features for real-time flight tracking. It also provides 3D aerial view with detailed information on current and historical flights, as well as customized matching and alert features.

3. Plane Finder AR

Plane Finder AR is an augmented reality app allowing tracking airplanes through the camera of your iOS device. It also provides real-time mapping with detailed information on airplanes, their altitude, speed, and direction.

Section 3: Other Recommended Apps

Our selection also includes the following apps:

1. FlightBoard

With FlightBoard, you can follow flights of all airlines worldwide in real-time. It also offers an easy search option for quickly finding flights you need to track.

2. FlightStats

FlightStats offers real-time information on flights, accommodations, and flight delays. It also provides information on wait times for security checks and other useful information for travelers.

3. LiveATC

With LiveATC, you can follow real-time communication between pilots and air traffic controllers worldwide. It is available for free on both iOS and Android devices.

4. RadarScope

RadarScope is an app for storm chasers offering real-time mapping and detailed weather information, including precipitation, fronts, and thunderstorms.

5. SkyView Free

SkyView Free is an astronomy app allowing tracking of star, planet, and constellation movements in the sky. It also offers information on celestial bodies and phenomena.


In conclusion, mobile flight tracking apps offer numerous benefits, including accurate real-time mapping and advanced features for tracking flights. Our selection of the best apps for tracking airplanes includes choices for Android and iOS, as well as apps recommended by experts. We invite you to try our top 11 and share your feedback.

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