Top 15 websites to download videos without copyright.

Using Royalty-Free Videos for High-Performing Web Content

Nowadays, web content has become a key element for the success of a digital strategy. In this sense, using high-quality videos has become a necessity. However, these videos can represent very high production costs and generate legal problems if they do not respect copyright laws. This is why using websites that offer royalty-free videos is an interesting solution for web content creators.

The advantages of royalty-free video websites

Royalty-free video websites offer several advantages for the production of web content:

  • Time saving: using royalty-free videos avoids launching a video production from scratch
  • Reduced production costs: these sites allow for high-quality videos at minimum cost
  • Wide choice of quality videos: these sites offer a wide variety of videos to meet different needs and fields of activity
  • Avoid legal problems: most royalty-free video sites offer legal videos for safe use

Selection criteria

It is important to select sites that offer legal videos with a minimum quality of HD 720p. It is also important to favor sites that offer simplified editing options to adapt videos as needed.

The 15 best websites to download royalty-free videos

After careful research, here are the 15 best sites to find royalty-free videos:

  1. Videvo
  2. Pexels
  3. Videezy
  4. Life of Vids
  5. Pixabay
  6. Beachfront B-Roll
  7. Vidsplay
  8. Clipstill
  9. Mazwai
  10. Videoblocks
  11. Vimeo
  12. XStockvideo
  13. Motion Array
  14. Storyblocks
  15. Biteable (for animation videos)

Each site has its advantages and limitations. For example, some offer high-quality videos but limit commercial use. Others offer free but limited download options. It is therefore important to study each site carefully before use.


In conclusion, using royalty-free videos is an interesting and economical solution for web content creators. Sites offering these videos are numerous, however, it is important to make a careful selection based on the criteria mentioned above. It is also possible to explore other resources to vary the content and make productions more attractive.